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  • Retired Navel/ Frogman Officer (Lieutenant Colonel).
  • CMAS - Three Star Instructor.
  • PADI- Master Instructor.
  • Specialized as Underwater Photography instructor and has along experience in sport diving.
  • Participated in many Underwater Photography competitions and achieved excellent results:
  • Gold medal in standard lens (35 mm) Sharm El-Sheikh- Egypt 1991/ 15 countries participated.
  • Silver Medal in close up categories same competition.
  • Gold medal in underwater photography competition “Coralis” – Tabarka – Tunisia 1994 – 18 countries participated.
  • Gold medal in close up photography in same competition, which results in awarding Jordan the competition cup.
  • Mr. Almomany is currently the manager of the red Sea Dive Center in Aqaba and he is preparing to publish a book about the underwater marine life in our territorial water in the Red Sea, Aqaba in order to inform the Jordanian people and tourists about the treasure we have and asking them to protect for future generations.